Raspberry Chipotle? Mead Update

Racked to Tertiary today, may have aerated it a bit too much. Back when I transferred to secondary I put about an additional 8# of raspberries into the mead. It wasn’t until after that I read that was a bit heavy, I should have just stuck to the suggestions in Schramm’s guide. I’m going to wait to add the chipotle and I might even nix the whole idea and see how it is when the Tertiary clears up. With all the additions I’ve lost track of what the ABV will be, but I suspect it’s around 12%. I did taste it today and I enjoy it, even though I can’t really pick up the honey.

In other news, I started a sweet show mead that’s still going and really tasting quite good. Just used raisens. I took my notes on a sticky note. I’ll transcribe it soon enough to share the recipe with everyone here. I got a berry honey from a local apiary and wanted a mead to showcase that honey. I’m super excited to see how it is when the fermentation is complete.

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