Raspberry Chipotle Mead

~18# Wildflower Honey

3# Red Raspberry Puree

1 Cup Craisens

1 pkg K1-V1116

Pectic Enzyme

4 tbs DAP

OG: 1.114-1.116

I recrystallized the honey using a water bath, boiled the Raspberry puree to be sure I didn’t contaminate anything and I also boiled the craisens. I topped off with water from my fridge filter, talk about a major hassle. And I added Ice to bring town temps and pitched yeast.

My choice to add fruit in primary was based upon something I heard about it adding complexity to the final product. I do plan on adding raspberries in secondary to reinforce the flavor.

Let me just tell you that the CO2 burps from the airlock were absolutely DIVINE! Like best smell in the world.

I plan on transferring into secondary on top of 3-6lbs of frozen local raspberries. I’m up in the air on type of pepper even though I’ve declared this a chipotle mead. I know I want some heat and I know I want some smokeyness and have recently read that chipotle peppers bring way more smoke than heat. I don’t want to drown out the honey or raspberries like I did with the oak on my last batch of mead.

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