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Raspberry Chipotle? Mead Update

Racked to Tertiary today, may have aerated it a bit too much. Back when I transferred to secondary I put about an additional 8# of raspberries into the mead. It wasn’t until after that I read that was a bit heavy, I should have just stuck to the suggestions in Schramm’s guide. I’m going to […]

Raspberry Chipotle Mead

~18# Wildflower Honey 3# Red Raspberry Puree 1 Cup Craisens 1 pkg K1-V1116 Pectic Enzyme 4 tbs DAP OG: 1.114-1.116 I recrystallized the honey using a water bath, boiled the Raspberry puree to be sure I didn’t contaminate anything and I also boiled the craisens. I topped off with water from my fridge filter, talk […]


What started in April 2012 as an interesting side experiment has turned into a crazy hobby that I would love to turn into a lifestyle one day. From left to right we have: 1) Spiced Apple Cyser, A sweet apple mead. 2) Spiced Apple Cherry Cyser, A dry apple mead with a dash of cherries. […]

Oak Acerglyn

I’ve had an inkling of an idea to do a maple mead for quite a while now. I bit the bullet when one of my co-workers had family back east that harvested their own maple syrup offered to get a gallon for me at a discount. I got around to brewing on May 11th, 2014. […]


Camera: D200 F-Stop: f/2.8 – f/3.2 ISO: 800-1600 Lens: 24mm Stacking: None Exposure Time: 30-95 seconds (No shutter release, >.<) Approximate Location: 47.189116, -120.856942 Date: 5/23/2014 These are very amatuerish but I do feel there are few that are good. The Camelopardalids were making their debut and I wanted to go see them and in […]